12. April 2016 -

Walton -

Walton Development and Management LP Appoints Craig Dickie as President

Craig Dickie has been appointed President of Walton Development and Management LP (“WDM”). In his new role, Craig will lead the WDM Canada team, managing 15 developments, encompassing nearly 4,800 acres, and over 19,000 acres of land in various stages of the planning approval process throughout Alberta and Ontario, Canada.

Craig brings a valuable set of skills and strengths to his new role, with his understanding of the critical elements of the real estate process including acquisition, entitlement, finance and development. His strengths in the strategic and operational elements of the business, along with the group of professionals who comprise the WDM team, provide the foundation for the continued success of the organization.

Craig joined WDM on January 5, 2005 as the WDM Engineering Manager, Calgary and was quickly promoted to Engineering Manager, Alberta in March 2007. In January 2010, Craig was promoted to General Manager, WDM Alberta and in January, 2012 he assumed the position of Regional VP, Alberta. In October 2012, Craig was promoted to President of WDM Alberta and in December 2014 he was promoted to Executive VP, Real Estate Planning and Development for all of Canada.

Prior to joining Walton, Craig spent more than seven years as a land development consultant and project manager with two established consulting firms in Calgary. During this time, Craig assisted clients on numerous residential, multi-family and industrial projects in Calgary and surrounding municipalities. This diversity of projects comprised more than 1,000 acres of development experience, including downtown residential redevelopment, suburban communities, retail shopping centers and commercial sites. Additionally, Craig has experience in the design and construction of regional infrastructure such as stormwater management facilities and highway / roadway improvements.

Craig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary and is registered as a professional engineer in Alberta through his membership in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.